Andrew Christian
October 28, 2014

SaMANtha Starr Needs A Tune-Up

In this weeks Tuesday Tune-Up we take a look at SaMANtha Star...well, we'd rather not look at her but she need a new wig and a major attitude adjustment.

Our inbox was flooded with complaints as she allegedly gets all "Bad Girls Clubs" on the hot dance trade at Tiger Heat and runs that sock puppet mouth of hers. It's cute, just clock that mug hunty. Just because you got a clip board don't mean you can get away with the shit talking.

You looking stale. This is your Tuesday Tune-Up Tip. 
Now get to it. BEY PHILISHA!

Miss Piggy

Ps- she'll key your car!


  1. finally they address this shit

  2. Hate that bitch, and all her crew. So glad I quit working Tuesday nights with that bitch and her rancid breath.

    1. u shouldn't be talking shit about great people. u are the biggest bully in WeHo and everyone knows that. ur heart is full of hate. ur parents probably didn't give u much love when u were little

  3. The only Starr for her are the ones around her delusional head, thinking she's a weho bad bitch! This queen has caused so much drama from running her mouth 24/7 when the only thing she should be running is on a treadmill so her ratchet outfits might actually fit! After all if ur gonna be a broke ass drag queen with only 3 outfits they might as well look good ��

  4. The synthetic nature of that wig is really offensive

  5. Girl is a mess. Not an ounce of unique talent to her name (unless "burning bridges" can be called a talent). She needs to stop living in this damn "beauty pageant" identity crisis she has made up for herself, shut her mouth, stop rolling her eyes, and take some damn advice from her peers. She is a monster of a joke that has one of the largest collection of "self entitlement" issues to exist in WeHo.

  6. I think it's funny how Dustin Gold wants to throw Samantha under the bus, when he is just as ratchet as she is! Perhaps if he wasn't busy sleeping around with half of West Hollywood then he would realize that he needs an attitude adjustment as much as she does ... But I guess being a full time grindr whore takes up to much of his time!

    1. Oh no honey I don't do that just because I have a grinder doesn't mean I hookup even if I do where's ur proof? Don't be mad samantha that ur on blast and there's proof, remember last night was ur last spotlight and recess your play time is up<3
      I know living on food stamps and wearing the same outfit daily is a struggle but hey that's why they call it dumpster diving! U do that so well! U go girl!

      Stay Golden <3
      Xoxo DG

  7. She annoys me in every capacity. Gurl be thinking she is Tyra when she can't even be a knockoff GloZell.


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