Brad Jan - Voted Sexiest Face In Los Angeles

World renowned fitness model Brad Jan has been making waves in the industry, landing book covers and magazines spreads with a solid fan base. This Blue-Green eyed beauty was recruited at age 17 and created a big bang in the modeling scene which took him all over the world from Europe to Miami to LA. check out
Mother Meth 


  1. A well-deserved honor for a great guy -- Brad Jan! He's much more than a stunning face -- he's a wonderful person! Brad has been an important part of the BOYSTOWN series team since its beginning and is also featured on the cover of the second book in the BOYSTOWN series. We couldn't be prouder of Brad -- and hope you'll check out the BOYSTOWN series at

  2. Who voted him sexiest face?

    1. I'm not seeing the face appeal, either. He's by no means ugly, but no stunner.

  3. youre joking right?

  4. Holy photoshop! Amazing body but the face looks nothing like that in real life. And what's up with the stringer tank tops outside of the gym? This isn't 1992 South Beach.

  5. that nose though...

  6. Apart from being a douchebag, Brad Jan could have any guy in LA and is the sexiest guy ever face and body, the end!


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