Go-Go Boy Interrupted - Episode 3: It's NOT Confidential

OH shit..
We love what this expired gogo twink & his unemployed 'actor' friends do with their spare time when their not making our coffees at Starbucks.

Gossup Gurl


  1. The only fun thing about his vids is watching those zircon clamp-ons move around his ear lobes.

  2. omg this site is finally eternalized in a video lol so funny

  3. I've never seen hair the same color as ramen noodles. you'd think a friend would say something.

    1. But when all you have are frenemies, they just tell each other.

  4. He looks cute enough and thank god he's 30 a respectable dating age...just gotta leave weho and make a few good choices in life ;)

  5. scott evans looks horrible... what happened ?

  6. My friends & I have real jobs that would fire us for being in this embarrassing youtube video. I don't understand the older generation these days.

  7. It's obvious this guy just used his friends in the series, only because he thought they were talented when they really aren't. Also, the waiter at Joey's is an untalented hack. I've seen him out so many times acting like a drunk idiot, just biting people for no reason.


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