Gay Man Attacked by Butcher at Bristol Farms

Patrons of the West Hollywood Bristol Farms were attacked by a felon butcher who was working for the grocer at the time. The patrons were in a verbal dispute with the felonious butcher who testified he was previously convicted of robbery and had a felony conviction under California Penal Code § 12021 related to firearm possession. The butcher escalated the dispute and called one of the patrons a “little faggot” prior to physically striking the victim and breaking the patron’s foot. Kristensen Weisberg, LLP represents the patron who the felon butcher called a “little faggot” in the moments before he physically attacked him. If you know of similar attacks and hate speech from Bristol Farms employees, please contact (310) 507-57924 or

Xoxo Neo


  1. Can I call Kristensen Weisberg, LLP to get me a refund on the bad produce I bought from Pavilions last week?

  2. If you're going to "report", please at least give the basics.
    When did the ALLEGED event happen? Date? Time?

    You don't testify you were convicted, it's already a fact and public record.

    When and where was the alleged suspect's robbery conviction?

    If all this is legitimate then there are police reports that are public information. How about doing your homework first before being an irresponsible "journalist."

    As far as I can tell all this is made up and libelous to Bristol Farms.

  3. Some of the "help" are way too much here. It's like the Versailles attitude of the servants wearing the cast off frocks of their masters.

  4. oh SA'NAP hunny!!!!


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