Forgive Me, Father by AC

Andrew Christian's newest model Steven Andrade debuts in Forgive Me Father. We love Steven because he is not only pure of heart and has a HUGE cock....but is also the first "gaybie" we have met; and by "gaybie" we mean he was adopted by two gay dads. Growing up with two gay dads, Steven naturally thought he was gay...but eventually he had to come out of the closet as straight. We didn't really believe he was straight until his make out scene with Pablo during which we were all looking to see if he got hard....and sure enough he didn't....damn. We guess there is such a thing as a straight male fag hag after all.



  1. So over these wanna be's.

  2. I just can't get past the atrocities he tries to pass off as fashion.

  3. Tired brand
    Tired "models"
    Tired videos

  4. Disgusting, plus, you already smeared Pablo Hernandez, so why are you promoting this video?

  5. I literally cant believe what I just saw! so disrespectful though.


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