AC's Blow Launch Party is this Thursday...

THURSDAY! Andrew Christian will be having a #BLOWunderwear LAUNCH PARTY and #acBLOWboys fashion show at the Abbey 10PM Oct 16. 

Hosted by Designer Andrew Christian with a special performance by Kwanza Jones. 

Come meet the #TrophyBoys Murray Swanby, Topher DiMaggio, Pablo Hernandez and the wild #acBLOWboy models. 

Special discount #BLOWboyshot drinks. 




  1. Anyone have a status report on Pablo / Murray / Topher?

  2. Its truth bitch. Murray pops his Truvies and dives right in.

  3. Just don't try to be nice to Murray, Vladimir & possible Pablo they will possible file restraining orders against you. Call u names such as unprofessional, stalker, pathetic & etc. even when u bust ur ass trying to get them bookings.

  4. I met their fag hag Fatty Boulon there. Pumpkin head was lookin fierce!


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