Sayonara: Eleven Nightclub is being Sold !! #WeHo

According to the owner himself Eleven Nightclub is set to be sold... for 1.5 million to a couple who currently has a Western Gay Bar in NYC. 
Statement from Rich Grossi the soon to be former owner of Eleven:

“I’ve been doing this for eight years. There’s the stress because I have to be here all the time. I’ve had enough for myself. It’s odd because I actually love it. But I think I just want to become a customer again.” 

That's goodbye & good ridence Eleven & a huge thankful hello to Flaming Saddles.



  1. Tell the new owner to fire Luke & Andres if they want people to come they just need to find a promoter who smiles. Whatever happened to John Brady? She was nice. Maybe a pedo but nice.

  2. Love Flaming Saddles! Later Eleven.

  3. I already got a weekly gig with the new owners.

  4. Let's hope it's not another faggot bar ran by queens like Mickey's is.

  5. Oh no... where will all those circuit queens go?!?!?!

  6. Hopefully the new place will keep obnoxious drag queens like Cake Moss out.

  7. Goodbye TJ fuckface

  8. The new owners are straight. The wife looks like dog the bounty hunter. youtube the bar and you will see videos of them.


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