Hazel Is Back From Her Vacay!!!

Hello guys, you missed me? Miss Hazel was gone for about two weeks. I was visiting family back home on the east coast. I love going back home. Keeps me grounded. Then upon arrival back in Hollywood, I was  invited to Las Vegas! You know miss Hazel loves her vodka. Free booze and a free stay,  can't say no. And ended it off in Palm Springs for Labor Day weekend. Now I have to detoxify for a while. But yes, fear not I have return to wreak havoc on all the drama going on and about all LA and maybe the IE. Seems like there's always drama there. Hope you all had a fun and safe Labor day weekend. I have to check my inbox, seems that I have fan and hate mail. Lets see what these queens and queers have to say. I guess I've made it!



  1. WTF is this? When are you guys going to be a gossip site and post something interesting? This is a snooze fest.


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