Drag Queens Like Allusia Targeted & Hassled by Facebook:

FB is cracking down on the Drag Queens for not using their real names, again!! 
We're so sick of Facebook & their bullshit terms, we hope they become the next MySpace.
You can catch us on Dragbook.com where you're free to be who you wanna be.

To support these queens sign the petition of change.org today!



  1. When will this thing called Alusia just die? We all laugh how she works every day yet everyone hates her.

  2. Drag has no place in normal society. Thus: Dragbook. Let them all go there. Also, WeHoCon, stop putting drag in your main feed. Regulate it to the Drag tab. no1currs

  3. ^"Drag has no place in normal society." ? REALLY I think you need a reality check..


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