Andrew Christian
September 24, 2014

Drag Queens are Saying Good-Bye to Facebook & Hello to Dragbook

Hunny, Queens have been leaving FB in hurds ever since FB got all anti-drag queen & began discriminating against boys who dress as women by forcing them to change their drag names to their birth name. So someone like Manila Luzon would now be found under Karl Westerberg.
Saint Peter, D'Vil, Brooke Candy & Alexis Arquette at the DragBook Launch Party
Many queens have already switched to ... 
the first social media experience just for Drag Queens and their friends/family. 

Have you made the switch!!?
It's free.



  1. Why would normal people switch to a site for freaks like drag queens? Don't get me wrong; I think it's great that drag queens can be segregated off of facebook. But there's just no need for normal gays to have a dragbook account.

    1. You're a normal gay? FB has gone to shit, pleas stay there.

  2. "Normal Gays" the phrase itself is an oxymoron .. coming from a real Moron.. it must be amazing to live in a such a bubble that you dont have to acknowledge history of the Gay struggle for identity and somehow see yourself as "normal " in the sense that you aren't somehow connected to the diversity of the Gay community . "freaks like Drag queens " - I'd rather their company than your bigoted ass any day..

  3. Joe hollywood hss also deleted FB.

  4. Who gives a FUCK!!... Drag queens and their shows are tired and dying out... All these competitions the clubs have are ALL THE SAME!!! There's nothing original anymore... To top it off ALL the drag queens are starting to look like each other! BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sorry, gender clowns -- your drag name is NOT your real name no matter how far into Fantasyland you go. Facebook has the option to display your drag name as an alias right next to your real name. That's not discrimination, it's reality. I know you want to be fake in EVERY aspect of your life so that it reinforces your denial, but newsflash: you're the only ones drinking the yellow Kool-Aid.

    1. AMEN!!!! These queens are tired and irrelevant! You ALL look the same! Shut up already!


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