REAL Drag Drama! Back at it!

Hello my fellow WeHo'vians. Miss Hazel was gone for a good minute. Us wiser (not older) gay folk love summer get aways. Palm Springs, Provincetown, you name it. After all the traveling, LA you have the most drama.
When I got back home, I got back into the networking, gossiping and going out in the "scene" when I could. I also thought,  project drag, where are they now. I go to Micky's on Mondays to see the show. I love them. And they make my favorite vodka cranberry with splash of pineapple. I decided to track down my good ole queens from the past competition. Let's just say... interesting.

I traveled down to the OC. Nothing happens there really. Except for WTF Friday's. I literally said "what the fuck" when I saw all these kids running around to top 40 pop music and twink dancers. Honey, where's the beef? Pre club they have a Drag show. Who was run before by Adore Delano, who was one of my favorites on Drag Race. Now it seems like Miss She Hulk herself Twiggy Warhol is sort of "trying" to take over. Hunny really, did you not get enough critiques from YouTube and here? Pleae, bad drag is not always good drag. Please work on it. And your penis jokes, ok we get it, your not the only queen with a big penis, ask Misty Violet. 

I don't really drive far without a designated driver, I love my vodka so Miss Housekeeping Kalane till next time boo boo. San Diego is too close to Mexico.  I hear enough Mexican here at home when my housekeeper gets upset cleaning up all my shit. And when I go to the "fashion district" here in LA. No no ablo Mexican. 

My dear old May Day, aww did you disappear off the radar like a Malaysian plane? Her and her drag family the X's were always at 340 in Pomona. Yes remember she was Nila Rose X? I heard through the grape vine they are banned from there for always starting drama. I wonder if they were the ones who threw that lemon at Raven? Hmmmm.

I see Melody Sings is all over winning competitions and still competing. Yas gawd. Take those wins girl. I was still awestruck when she was sent home over Judas Joe Manson. I guess she needed that extra push to give it her all.

Judas Joe Manson, aww baby. We saw her recently at VIP doing her Gaga. Yas gawd. Amazing. She recides in her drag family the Dolls Haus and they're club Trade. It seemed like bad luck followed her as another Project drag 3 queen Crystal Mess joined they're Haus and club. Among them RudeNess the Haus mother, queen ( ? because I never really heard of her, seen her perform or compete ) ex con, she was in jail once for fighting you can read about it on our site, and I guess downtown queen of the scene ( not really as she was let go from prior venues The Lexington, closed Trade at Arena with Double Bubble and recently The Belasco. All under one season. Wow. That was there " Summer Tour " as was posted. We also heard of a spat they had with a queen at their 1 year anniversary at Faultline Bar over the microphone with a paying club goer, who also had spent a lot of money at the bar and a cover charge ) Wow. The last outrage of craziness and drama was there last night at The Belasco that had to do with no other than, that's right RudeNess and alcohol stealing Crystal Mess. Aww poor girl. Get it together babies. I guess they're next stop is Precinct Bar. Hope they're ready for the Tradewreck.
Another Haus queen Miss Dakota D'vil, (project drag 3 winner?) She recently also won Little Miss Welfare 2 weeks ago. We recently stumbled upon a club she performs at Whore Haus last month run by another Haus mother Saintpeter D'Vil. Last month's was really a blast. They do a duo night with Hod Rod at Micky's which hot rod is like a sausage fest with go go boys everywhere! Spotted where our favorite Bobby Trendy, Adore Delano ( I almost screamed ) and Mariah Paris Balenciaga both of Drag Race. This time around Dakota D'vil and Judas Joe Manson both performed there. Seems Judas guest spots there. But none of her family seemed to be there. I think Dakota took the whore in Whore Haus literally lanky drunk stomping around cleaning off her makeup after performing seen making out and all over an up and coming promoter Anthony Mazeratti of Pop Ikon. Well well, maybe she is a little slut. I've been hearing alot about this Haus mother recently Saintpeter D'Vil
 (who we hear is known to be kind of a bitch) but as soon as I would try and talk to her, she would appear and dissappear from backstage, people to people, drink in hand like a damn ghost. I wonder if all the talk is true, vampire, witch, devil? I dunno but I'm very intrigued. And those necklaces! Everywhere, almost like a cult. You think they'd all DRINK a weird POTION and die together? 

Smooches Galore seems to have been up to her same drag events in the IE. Eww the IE. That's inland empire for you folks. I had to learn that. Didn't know what it was. Performing, performing and gigs. She's always been a gig girl. Seems like the Facebook police got her to change her name. Just like Allusia. This has got to stop. At least my real name is on there. Don't come for Miss Hazel Facebook po po!

We Ho confidential famous Veronica Flop has been in and out of Weho, doing Rasputin, OC gigs, and I think that's it. Recently posting a weight lose picture. Get it girl. Maybe some comments and everything got her thinking. She used to also be in the drag show Twiggy Warhol is now trying to run but seemed to had got into it with promoters, queens and I think Adore Delano who was the queen who started the show there. Is there some divaness behind you girl? Well maybe she was jealous of Adore, I mean wasn't she ripping off her look and t shirts?

Lucky Madison went on to win Pop Ikon in West Hollywood and is now a weekly host there. Congratulations Lucky,  about time.

Delilah Befierce seems to stick close to her family doing they're events and was also in the Little Miss Welfare Pageant finals. But didn't win. Next time lady. 

That's all for now folks. Miss Hazel is old and tired. She needs your help. Have a tip or juicy gossip? Email and share with us. Till next time.


  1. I love getting read by a nobody :)

  2. Omg. I been there when Rudeness has been drunk and on rants thinking she's da queen of stuff. Haha. The faultine one was cray. I don't know why people like her doe. I went with ma friends. She can't even perform good. Good thing I didn't pay doe. Her man is always hitting and guyz too. Well both of dem.

  3. Thanks for coming and supporting our party!!! We'll see you soon !!!!

  4. Oh Hazel it's Spanish not Mexican...just saying #dumbtwat

  5. Most of this is very mean-spirited. And I thought it was very rude to talk about us Mexicans that way. You came off very ignorant.

  6. Rudeness, James (Rude's one-eyed cumdumpster), and Peter D'Vil are the Tranny AIDS Brigade's finest. When they aren't abusing our eyes, sucking dirty dick and spreading STDs, they're with Hector "The Jizz Collector" Pocasangre at his hair salon snorting coke and fantasizing about being relevant... but don't hate. After all, how would we know what a 10 is without the 1s?

  7. I love gossip but this is just racist, inaccurate and mean-spirited sputum from someone who cowers behind a thin veil of anonymity. Worst of all, there's a clear agenda at hand. I live for T and shade, but it has to be done (and spelled) right... otherwise you just end up looking like an exceedingly jealous, ignorant asshole with an axe to grind towards performers who are going for their dreams - which for obvious reasons hits a nerve with you because, I mean really - what are you doing with YOUR life? Who ARE you, anyway? You want to read a queen because you've never seen her perform... but where is Miss Hazel performing? Bathroom mirror much? Lol. Take a tip from The Divine Miss Joan Rivers (RIP) - always make fun of yourself as you make fun of others. It helps to dim the glaring fact that you critique because you have realized you don’t have the talent (as a drag queen or writer) to make a name for yourself in any other regard. You’re essentially the worst kind of behind-the-scenes-bitch: the kind that likes to break people down without the decency of a punchline. Lord Jeebus I know comedy is tough, but as you have said to others “Please work on it.” IT HAS TO BE FUNNY! I know in your mind you think people read your stuff and laugh, but mostly we just feel sorry for you. It’s not easy being just another face in the crowd, is it?

    PS. Why no mention of all the drama that ensued between your pals at both Welfare Tuesdays & Fantasy @ FUBAR? Hmmm… I see you have a Booty Bumpin Fridays banner on your site and an ad for Lucas John hosting at Faultline. I wonder…

  8. Hey hazel. How'd you like lip service at the abbey. You were judging. What did you think?


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