This Friday's Box Meat - Hosted by Charles Anthony

We'll start with Chase the door boy! 

Nick is a lean mean military machine!

Russel's so tight & so smooth...

 Adam will break your face with his ass cheeks... no really!

Champ the boxer loves to "swing" it at you.

Matt the Wild Thing!!! He's trouble.

Ask him why they call him Cheekey.
Booty Booty Booty!!! 

 Drop it like it's hot with Resident DJ Josh Peace!! 

 Special Guest host Charles Anthony in the house! 

 Get down with the hottest boys in the Southland this Friday at Fubar we've got a GoGo lineup that will make you wanna POUNCE!!! 

 BOOTY CONTEST at 1:50 am. 

 Don't forget that the GOGO who gets tipped the least gets fired. Only at FUBAR. Where everybody knows you're gay! Take the free WEHO TROLLEY!!