Project Drag Season 3, The drama!

The shade, the drama, the double elimination?

Yes huntys as you may have been reading my drama covering this contest, many queens have been sent home, quit or eliminated for stealing alcohol.

We had heard from different sources about a certain queen May Day, which is what you call out when you need help, that was getting her face painted by other queens!? She was called out by Raven who reads our blog ( hi Raven ) and others all over social media and in the competition. 

Well Tony, finally stepped in and all the queens had to do their faces at the club. Everyone looked okay, I'm kidding fine they looked good but not this queen. Guess which? Uhmm hummm.

The were up to final 5, where they were given 5 awful dresses that Raven uses for her birthday shots during intermission. I've seen em in person and you know what, I would rock some of the ones she wears. Gives us girls some room to move, stretch and breathe. Anyway, they made some outfits, others I dunno what to call em. 

Miss Lucky made a cute little western ensemble and sang live. Not bad, but stick to dancing hunty. But not bad. I only saw 2 dresses used.

Miss Smooches hunny came out wrapped like some Iranian princess didn't know what to expect, then a gown was exposed. Oh she had back up dancers. My eyes were there! Bam, boys! In all, eh.

Oh and then came in the She Hulk herself Twiggy Warhol, I still don't know why she calls herself Twiggy, I see tree trunk and redwood. Ok they put up 5 images of dresses. She came out with 1 fabric. I dunno what it was wrapped around her body with a tutu at the bottom then a hood with some fabric popping out and lord them shoes. Then she yells at the crowd, "Cmon bitches"!! I literally almost spilled my drink on the short little designer guest Judge as I jolted when that man hollered towards me. Girl!!!

Oh then came in Ole Miss jaw breaker Dakota. Well let me just say this, lord have mercy yes she may look tall, walk all wiggly, wobbly all drunk giraffe like but I was in aww. Once again almost spilled my drink on the poor little judge in front of me. Thank god it wasn't Raven. She scares me. So before each "queen" comes out they showed the dresses. 5 of them. I watch all cause you know I like the gossip. Ole jaw breaker pulled out 4. She said she used 5 but I counted 4. By then I was probably into my 5th Vodka drink.. jaw breaker turned it out and won. I kept hearing screams I guess she has a big following. I saw a young buff man tipping her like a stripper. Oooh latino boy tip me hey!!!

Oh and then there was May Day. Girl, make up was a mess, she came out trying some memoirs of a geisha look that looked like none of the dresses on screen, then whipped around her umbrella, speared the disco ball with a piece breaking apart from the umbrella, hit the lights girl I was ready to run out. I thought Micky's was gonna burst into another electrical fire! She was all over the place!

Well after all they critique the queens one by one and they say to May Day, girl what's up with your makeup? Doesn't look like it has in prior performances. CLOCKED! Then oh the outfit, what did you use, did you paint on that design? She says "no my drag mother did". Girl..... Well she was eliminated. I guess May Day was always calling for help.

Last week she admitted to getting help with makeup. You can watch it on the Showgirls Weho YouTube channel from last week.

Let me wrap this up so Dakota won the challenge. I was surprised of all the screams and clapping and I guess fans this girl has as to all the drama people have said about her and her drag family. Seems she had a whole section of fans plus all around where I was standing. And Lucky dancer Madison was safe! Twiggy was bottom 2, again as was Smooches, again. They lipsync for their lives and..... both stayed till we see who gets eliminated next week fuck! We'll that's the T! Til' next time.



  1. They're lucky Mayday got disqualified for not doing her own face, even though she obviously did on Monday, because the other girls were completely afraid of her. She has more talent than all of the girls left.

  2. C'mon now... I had to stop reading this shit after the first couple of paragraphs because it seems like nobody read this before they posted it. Doesn't make much sense and is hard to follow. Please edit and revise before you post!


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