Drag Queens And Drama? Have We Been Under A Rock?

Since our last drag post with Veronica flop there has been an uproar with so much drag drama. Were we hibernating? Project drag season 3 what is going on with your queens? We hear a queen got eliminated for doing too much Gaga (Judas Joe Manson) and was brought back and then quit because she said her drag career and future is set. Honey it takes years! Have a seat, look, learn and listen.

Judas was brought back after a queen was caught stealing beers? Honey if you stoop that low, that's just a (Crystal) Mess. And have you seen that tall lanky baby giraffe on heels with an Addams apple that looks like she swallowed a jawbreaker? It always seems like she's gonna go south (Dakota). 

Mayhem Miller Jr, we mean Smooches, step it up girl, 3 times lipsync? Should've gone home with that low budget cuntry get up. And allegedly a queen doesn't beat her own mug? Girl I guess she's called May Day for a reason..... calling for help and all.

For shame, we would not give someone money nor time if she cannot do her own self. Nope. Aww Delilah Befierce, more like begone. Honey did you guys see this She Hulk of a drag they call Twiggy Warhol? Twig? More like giant redwood. Either he can't make up his mind to work out and be a man or a drag. Sorry boo don't work out both ways henny.

Lucky Madison, you lucky you can dance. Kalane, girl every time I see the curtain open on the you tube channel, I expect HOUSEKEEPING? I guess I need to make my rounds more cause everyone loves drag queens and drama. Let's see what queens get into next. We can't miss out on this and other shows.



  1. Drag is dead. no1currs

  2. Yall are just lame ass idiots that give us gays a bad name and wonder why the world is still judging so harshly we need to fix it in our gay community first before the world

  3. bitch ass Wehoconfidential.

  4. I read what Judas Joe Manson said about her future being set, and this is totally taken out of context. Actually pretty badly.

    That said...

    Best publicity ever. This post immediately makes me want to look up every queen that was read and follow her ass. Yaaaasssss... #legendsinthemaking


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