Courtney Stodden Back With Doug Hutchison

Our favorite socialite and entrepreneur Courtney Stodden is getting back together with Doug Hutchison!

We are thrilled because not only do we think the two make a fascinating couple, we think they really have chemistry!
Courtney Stodden (19) has been busy building a media empire so the split didn't come as a surprise to us. Now that they are getting back together we think this Hollywood power couple is off to some major new ventures.

Courtney who's birthday is coming up this month will be turning only 20 years old and already has a web series and several media deals in the works. She also loves her gays and we know they love her!

PS: Happy Birthday Baby!

UPDATE: Courtney is now the #1 Trending Topic on

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  1. I fucking love her

    1. She's actually really smart and thats why people that get to know her like her

    2. Yeah, bitch is a fuckin genius next to weho's gogo trash and meth whores. She doesn't love gays she loves any pimp who pays attention to her for more than a hot second without laughing in her hag face. She's got nothin but a fugly old douche husband, gross wrinkly painful looking ridic fake tits and a chronic yeast infection that makes her smell like a homeless fags dirty cheese covered uncut cock.

  2. What a gold digger but at least she is getting gold lol

  3. Trash ! Trailer trash

  4. she was the #1 topic until miss doubtfire offed it/self


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