24 Hour #Fitmess - Case#: 002

Hunny, at least put your legs under the lift if you're just going to sit there reading the paper. This man looks more like he's getting ready to pass a stool than getting a work out in. WTF is wrong with people at the 24 Hour Weho Fitmess club. This needs to be stopped.



  1. so sick of these old queens

  2. sleeping crocs


  3. He is just waiting till some hot young thing comes in so he can follow him to the locker room and cruise him

  4. Please people..All you people who HOLD UP THE EQUIPMENT SITTING THERE your entire workout on your smartphones, I pads, I pods etc.being SELF ABSORBED WITH YOURSELF 23/7. If you look in the mirror there isn't anybody around at the gym in this picture Let him glance at the paper.

    So sick of all the 24 hr fitness tech addicts(you know who you're) holding up equipment, as people can't workout- thinking the equipment is your living room or office. Seek help ASAP because your turning into pathetic human beings-being addicted to a piece of plastic and tin. If you can't go into the gym without your tech crap for 30-6o minutes you really are a pathetic loser addicted to tech stuff.


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