Andrew Christian
August 24, 2014

24 Hour #FitMess

Yes hunty! We are starting a new column just for you! The gym rats who think the gym is a spa, beauty salon, Givenchy runway show, upper body gymnasium and an all around bath house.

Sorry but we're not sorry! The 24 Hour Fitness in West Hollywood is looking more like a 24 Hour #FitMesses! This is you working out and acting like fools. Cruising for some stall action and just being an entitled old jaded queen with no leg muscles.

We will now be sharing all that crap for the world to laugh at! So if you have a camera phone and a gym membership, start snapping pics and send them into us:

Start working out those calf muscles and add on some extra leg sets because we're coming for you!

This week in #FitMess

Subject A.

WeHo Confidential


  1. you all put way too much time in this lol thank you for the laughs lol

  2. Aren't flip-flops, photography, and the other mentioned activities a violation of your 24 Hour Filthiness Membership Agreement?
    Dropping a big heavy dumbbell on your unprotected toes could ruin your pedicure!

  3. Yes, this guy is a mess, but did Ben Roman really need to do this to make himself feel better? A lot of people could talk the same shit about his 'music career'

    1. Ben Roman is not good looking at all, he is a fat old ugly mexican man. I never understood how Ben saw himself as a "hot guy"

  4. Who the hell checks into 24 hour fitness?

  5. Everyone is at 24 hour now that Flex closed

    1. The FLEX reopened a few weeks ago (except the steam room and in ground jacuzzi).

  6. Everyone now goes through their day clutching their phones, ready to snap a pic, searching for something - anything - they can post online. It's like normal people have turned into desperate papparazi, so hungry for online attention

  7. Huh? This is what actually makes the 24 Hour Fitness cool. Bullying your average day homo? Let's try a bit harder


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