Sheriff's Deputies Conducting DUI Checkpoint One Block Away Refuse Help to Victim

Beverly Hills resident Houman Yadkarim was walking back to his car in the Norma Triangle on a recent Friday night when he noticed a newer black pickup truck with dark tinted windows driving slowly down the street. Assuming that they were simply looking for parking, Houman, who was sober, continued toward his parked car. As soon as he turned the corner onto Norma Place the black truck pulled up next to him and two black men jumped out and immediately confronted Houman. One placed a pistol to his temple while the other punched him in the face, knocking him to the ground. 

The men held Houman to the ground as they searched his pockets and took his glasses, his wallet, his house and car keys, and his iPhone. Houman was left panicked on the sidewalk as the armed thieves jumped back into the truck, where a third black man was waiting behind the wheel. The truck peeled out and Houman was unable to see the license plate. 

Thinking help was close and immediate since there were about 30 Sheriff's Deputies one block away at the DUI checkpoint, Houman ran to Santa Monica Blvd and breathlessly approached the first Deputy he saw. He said, "I was just mugged at gunpoint, can you help me?" The Deputy sarcastically asked Houman if he had been shot, and when Houman incredulously answered that he had not been shot, but wished to have the thieves immediately tracked down, the Deputy simply told him to sit down. 

Houman instead ran to a nearby pizza joint and convinced someone to let him call the Sheriff's Station, located one block away as well. One patrol car with two Deputies arrived approximately 30 minutes later. They took a report and wished Houman well. 

Houman's physical wounds to his head have healed, but he reports that he is still jumpy and uneasy when he sees strange people loitering about. He also says that although the Deputies who took his report were friendly, he is extremely disappointed in the overall experience he had with the Sheriff's Department in West Hollywood. And we can't blame him.

We think it's time to bring back armed Deputies on Bikes patrolling the back streets and alleys.

Look Up, and Look Alert!!



  1. The fact is that West Hollywood does not have police. In West Hollywood there is a sheriff. In my experience, the WH Sheriff is rather limited in what they are allowed to do in terms of law enforcement. They are very reluctant to anything much more than issue speeding tickets. I have a neighbor that is very destructive and unless her actions cause my body physical harm, they do nothing. It doesn't matter for disturbing the peace or destroying my property...they do nothing. It's scary that these men and women "protect" us. I have law enforcement officers and DEA agents in my family. and I am pro police. I don't know what we have have in WH taking care of us. Ticket makers for revenue? Who knows. This story is disgusting. For all of those deputies (NOT OFFICERS) to be wrapped up in DUI duty and not regular patrol is a disgrace and I am so sorry I wasted my tax dollars when this man had this happened to him. Wake up West Hollywood Sheriff's Dept.

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