Vicky Vox Whoooooo?

Meet Rubella Spreads! She is the fiercest new Drag Queen that is giving WeHo amnesia when it comes to Vicky Vox. Yes GURL we said it, Rubella Spreads is the new comedy queen. Since Vicky didn't make it on Drag Race we are thinking she got too big for her own good.

Add Rubella on Facebook and Twitter and tune into one of her shows.

That's all for now!

Kathy Griffin


  1. this is shady as fuck

  2. Vicky thinks she is a celeb no joke, no pun intended! HA

  3. Its getting hot in herrrr

  4. not with that paint job, gurl

  5. HMMM she is not a drag race sistah as season 7, Meanwhile I keep it with Mayhem....cuz she didnt cast either lol

  6. I see this bitch in person she's got 3 outfits and 2 wigs always wearing the same shit and I don't mind a busted queen but when your makeup hasn't improved or you can't do a polished look then there's an issue someone let's this gurl walk out the house like this and that's sad

    1. Let's do this...

      Well, clearly your ability to write a coherent comment without it being a giant run-on sentence fuck party needs a polished look as well. That's what is really sad, Gurl. So, please type like an adult if you are trying to be 'Miss Constructive Criticism 2014'.

      Look... you had a bad day and need to change your Tampax Pearl. We get it, do better. Don't take it out on an entertainer that is trying to provide a service for your enjoyment. You come off really bitter that way and no one thinks it's cute. Your comment is coming from a negative place and we don't need to hate our brothers and sisters, especially when they are trying to express themselves through such a taboo artform as drag. Sorry, Love...take that negativity and turn it into something positive for fuck's sake.

      Instead of looking like a coward and posting anonymously, maybe you should have gone up to Rubella at an event and told her these things in a more mature and positive manner. Unfortunately, it is too late and now you look like another typical bitter queen with nothing good to offer the world. Sad. :'(

      Plus, why are you calling her a bitch?
      You are so damn upset.
      Did she fucking take something from you?


      What I am gathering from your comment is one, some or all of the following:

      1. Maybe you have competed against Rubella Spreads, lost and can't build a bridge to fucking get over it. Sorry, Babe... Do better next time. Kisses. ;)

      2. Have nothing better to do.

      3. Are one sad individual.

      4. Need a hug.

      5. Are probably a busted queen yourself.

      So, get it together, Gurl.
      We ain't mad at ya.
      Hope your day gets better. <3

      ***[My name is Albert Chacon IV (ALBI) and you can find me on FB ( if you'd like to be put in place again.]***

  7. Haters gonna fucken hate! Keep doing your thing Rubella cuz you crack me up. Love yah!

  8. so you like this new girl- well great. but whats that got to do with vicky? -why the direct comparison? is there some rule that your only allowed to like one big girl?


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