The WeHo Incense Lady Ain't Right

For 10 years this woman has taken dollars from the gays in weho in exchange for incense and pity. The fact is she is a homophobe. She has screamed FAGGOT at myself and SO many of my friends over the years when we don't give her money. She threatened to have her son come "gun you down fag". She is a total fraud.  She also encountered a friend of mine walking up Larrabee who wouldn't give her a cigarette to which she screamed "I'll cut your dick off."

Well the heavens opened up and I caught her in full fraudulent glory. Here you will see her WALKING AND PUSHING her hover round to Starbucks (they turned her away) and she also shows her ass literally- her whole giant ass. Exposed. In more ways than one.

We need to stop people from giving money to this gay-hating fraud.


  1. that fat asian cunt angeline needs to be kicked out of weho too. she screams faggot and troll to tons of gays when she is shit face wasted. kick her the hell out with this incense lady!!! both need GOD. YASSS GOOODDDDDD HUNNNNY.

  2. She's mentally ill and cracked out. Clearly she's not right. Thanks for the brilliant heads-up.

  3. Yeah seriously, she's obviously too mentally ill for anyone to seriously call her a "fraud". Sure, it's fine to run her out of town, or at least to not give her money (who gives her money?), but your "exposé" is ridiculous. She's crazy. Crazy people say crazy things. Avoid her and get over yourself.

  4. thats the other incense lady

  5. My reaction to this article is akin to the guy on the phone in the video.


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