Andrew Christian
July 11, 2014

The New Hot: Thoroughbreds

Bye bye lazer hair removal twinks and clean cut impostor jocks with no leg muscles! We're not sorry your breed as become irrelevant. 

It's now ALL about some scruff, trimmed chest hair, three guilt free meals a day, hard abs, great arms, Ivy Leauge status sleeve tattoos and an intricate style with a punk grunge edge.

We'd like to put it this way; nobody is going to Yogurtland looking for plain Yogurt!!!

WeHo has had it's stereotype (or pray) for a long time. It was the slim, blonde or brown, "probably has a porn but tells everyone he's studying" look. Now it's about wood, metal, hair and sweat.

Let the TWINK be gone! Into a bird with you all! Say hello to the future and to a new world order of perfection...


Come to "The Kennel" at RAGE tomorrow, July 12th for some boys with some papers! Woof woof! 



  1. Huh? Sleeve tattoos were new and hot back in 2008. And slim has never been the weho "look" except at maybe TigerHeat..

  2. Sounds like every guy in Silvelake

  3. Right! Because you're the arbiter of what's hot. I think most people know what they like. Thanks.

  4. This is really sad. This site used to have great gossip and neighborhood cattiness. Now its lead article is a pic of a cute guy from 2008. Yawn...


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