It's the 2nd!!!

Did you pay your rent yet?

April the chihuahua did. 

The landlord is watching.

Yes mama!!



  1. bonechichi blowquandras 3rd cuzinJuly 2, 2014 at 4:43 PM

    I barebacked that fuckn mexican bitch minus the condim. She shouldn't be selling her tired ass on the corner of harper and santa monica any more. Look at her eyes, she is way past her expiration date. That isn't a Chael purse. Its fake. The label actually says its a Kennel purse,

  2. This website sucks dick! Why has it been so slow this week! Tea time!!!!

  3. Josephine Crackywood needs help paying the rent. Her Bad Sex money is already snorted away and smoked away.


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