What do you think of Lisa Vanderpump?

"She is always nice to me."
- Bobby Trendy

PS: The trees at PUMP are looking thirsty!

Gossup Gurl


  1. Yes, Lisa does have a bitchy side, but is far from evil. The haters are just jealous because she's got her shit together and is having a MUCH better life than most.

  2. whatever, she's a condescending cunt that thinks she's better than all you little queens. She just wants you money!

  3. They spent almost nothing on the building fa├žade that faces the streets and it looks like it. Thanks Ms. Vanderpump.

    The people who go there and the staff are plastic and self absorbed like VanderPumped cartoon character versions of the worst of the vacuous people that live in Los Angeles,

  4. what has happened to this website? It BLOWS more now than it did a year ago. BLAH.


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