Demons Vs Angels

Andrew Christian's latest video is so far out there it makes wonder if he's on LSD!?



  1. Lame.
    And how about using some fresh models instead of the same tired weho guys time after time.

  2. Why does AC insist on putting himself in the videos? They used to be kind of fapworthy affairs when guys like Quinn Jaxon were there, and the company's namesake DIDN'T PUT HIS OWN TIRED ASS IN THE VIDEOS.

    But now? Not so much.

    Yes, you've managed to turn your name into a brand that people all over the world connect with sex, Andrew, but that doesn't mean anyone is interested in seeing YOU in the softcore promotions as well. Instant boner killer.

  3. Perfect video to show the vanity that is Andrew Christian. No one wants to see a 50 year old queen in the videos. And besides that, the video itself is just stupid.

  4. Flash back to when his mug showed up on Drag Race Season 5, GAAWWWWWWDDDD wut a boring pompus guest..... DREW, Get a grip gurl, you are a DESIGNER not a MODEL, of whom only pretend to like your gulch and gut for free stuffffffff..... okrr?


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