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Willam Belli Confirms DWV is Broken Up

"We never planned stuff really and we just don’t have anything coming up. We were just friends putting songs out who then turned into DWV. I would think of something and then we’d round up and do it (exception- Chow Down we all thought of and Gaycation was De’s idea but we all wrote). We no longer have time to make stuff happen like we once did. That’s the reality of it. I think when people paid us to be the supergroup DWV for their own products, the ending result video wasn’t as whoreganic and fun as what we were known for. The last two years have been a whirlwind of unexpectedness that I wouldn’t trade for anything but I am looking forward to dealing with one tranimal instead of three for a while professionally. It’s just less variables and I’m a creative despot.” 
~Willam the Conqueror

While Detox may have thrown some social media shade in Willam's direction...

 it seems Willam was quick to respond in a somewhat loving manner. 

We guess that's all from our favorite drag/pop trio for now folks.

CONSPIRACY THEORY: The Break is Fake - Vicky is getting ready to be on RPDR 7.


PS - We can't wait for the reunion tour. 

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  1. i wonder where vicky will live now that she can't crash at Willam's...


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