Who or What Is Next To Jeremy Meeks?

HUNAYYY, Jeremy Meeks has a twin or something! Pause the online free Jeremy Meeks petition and let the manhunt for this other hunk begin!!!

You're bitch ass was born with the genetics to be a model. Quit this petty crime shit and walk into Ford models, LA models or our bedrooms and start working.

Let's hope he isn't in jail!



  1. Ill take them both at the same time on some good weed. You know they got good weed.

  2. It is his older brother

  3. Ain't no modeling agency gonna hire balding black men.

  4. This guy is a violent criminal with multiple arrests and convictions against children. Don't be so stupid just because he has nice eyes. Any of you vapid queens who wants him on the loose deserve to be shot by this gun toting convict.

  5. I always did like rough trade.

  6. 5:25 LoL none of your statements are true Google his fine ass! He is a criminal but it's not that crazy hun quit the lies


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