Andrew Christian
June 16, 2014

UPDATED _ Missing Person Alert: Marquis Chapman aka Pritty Kitty #Tranz

Thanks be to Rihanna this girl has been located. 

WEHO/LA Fam: it was just brought to our attention that "Kiki" one of the youth we worked with a few years back in San Bernardino has been reported missing. She is now in her early 20's, was known to be having some hardships recently, and last known to be living in the LA area, but has been out of touch with family & friends for over a month... If you have any info, or happen to run into her, please make a call to (213) 996-1800. Thank you!



  1. Good, she smelled like cat piss anyways

    1. Have some fccking respect you POS

  2. Whoever you are can go fuck yourself asshole. Kiki has been my brothers bestfriend for over 10 years. Everyone that knows Kiki is worried.

    1. Ignore the hate comments...someone will always be disrespecting because they have nothing else better to do with their lives..and are just plain mean.....
      i hope they find Kiki..early 20's is so young! I hope he's safe!!..ill pray for him and his family!

  3. She still smelled like cat piss.

  4. Ridiculous that someone has been missing for the past month, and that you're making comments like this.
    I can see two possibilities for why you feel the need to post such nonsense:
    1)You were involved in her going missing - if you were, then be very afraid. Because things like this do not go unpunished and you will get what is coming to you.
    2)You are an emotionless idiot. Whether you know her or not, whether you get along or not, she is MISSING. Even if someone I didn't like had gone missing, I wouldn't be making comments like that, but would instead be spreading the word to help get them back to their friends and family. This is a human being. Quit the shit, you don't look cool, and you sound like a bully from a kid's playground. Grow up.

    And now on to my comment:
    All the love in the world sent to Kiki and her friends and family. Keep spreading the word, let's find her and get this figured out. <3

  5. Thats sad. RIP. We hardly knew you. (literally)

  6. She's probably trying out for season 7 of RuPaul's Drag Race!

  7. Another loser gone from Weho-Thank God.. Wish the rest would follow........SOON

  8. "located" ... where?


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