July's Face Of Dragbook - Judas Joe Manson

The winner of Little Miss Welfare and July's cover model for Dragbook.com is now live on the homepage - meet Judas Joe Manson.

The cover photo was shot by Dominic Riccitello, more over at www.whoisdominic.com

Watch a snippet from our shoot with Judas in Los Angeles below.

Mother Meth


  1. she rly does look ugly like gaga

  2. I herd she's addickted to heroin!

  3. When He is 50 is he going to be proud of this moment? Oh wait, she'll O.D. by 27 (@ San Vicente Inn), can't live to see the day she gets Poz, saggy and unpopular.

  4. Fuck all of you haters Judas Joe Manson is the Fucking best, get a fucking life all 3 of you anonymous pricks can go suck a fart out of a camel's ass. You are all probably fat ugly retards who have nothing to offer the world. You can all eat dick. Judas is the best bitches!!!


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