Andrew Christian
June 28, 2014

Divas, to the Dancefloor, Please!

It seems club legend and NYC nightlife icon Kevin Aviance has fallen upon sad times, and could desperately need some help!

Being a young queen arriving in New York at nineteen, I knew I had arrived as I first set my sights on Kevin twirling up a frenzy at the Legendary Palladium.  Over the next decade or so, he put me through it every Saturday night, (and Sunday morning/afternoon,) at Twilo, Sound Factory, and Roxy, crawling across the stage like a rabid panther!

All of those twists, turns, and deathdrops apparently have done a number on Kevin's hips, and an operation is needed pretty severely.  He is performing in Provincetown at the moment, with quite a bit of aid.  He longs for the heavy base-line and Junior calling him to the floor yet again.  He begs for the whistles and applause.  He's earned it.  He's paid his dues, time to give back!


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