Divas, to the Dancefloor, Please!

It seems club legend and NYC nightlife icon Kevin Aviance has fallen upon sad times, and could desperately need some help!

Being a young queen arriving in New York at nineteen, I knew I had arrived as I first set my sights on Kevin twirling up a frenzy at the Legendary Palladium.  Over the next decade or so, he put me through it every Saturday night, (and Sunday morning/afternoon,) at Twilo, Sound Factory, and Roxy, crawling across the stage like a rabid panther!

All of those twists, turns, and deathdrops apparently have done a number on Kevin's hips, and an operation is needed pretty severely.  He is performing in Provincetown at the moment, with quite a bit of aid.  He longs for the heavy base-line and Junior calling him to the floor yet again.  He begs for the whistles and applause.  He's earned it.  He's paid his dues, time to give back!