Did you Catch this Week's Issue of Broke Celebrity? #weho

Time to spill all the T!!!

Stefano.. FIRED!
Stefano Rosso was fired from Micky's shortly after Pride for being... too fat!!! Stefano allegedly hired a high-priced attorney to get his job back!!! The case was settled out of court and Stefano has agreed to get lipo & to do 100 more sit-ups a day. Find the new & improved skinny Stefano this Wednesday at Broke Celebrity only at Micky's.

Billy Francesca Hated?
Billy was once beloved for her mystical presence but these days everyone hates her. Apparently the once favorited unicorn host with the most has lost her magic duffle bag which contained glitter, "spackle" & the Magic Unicorn Horn that she was beloved for. Needless to say fans were very upset when they found at that Billy Francesca was actually a ... wait for it ... HUMAN!!!!
Come to Broke Celebrity at Micky's this Wednesday to unveil the real Billy Francesca! 

Derek's Melt Down
DJ Derek has officially had it with requests to play Miley Cyrus. Wait..  We thought everyone loved Miley? Apparently Derek remixed the "Wrecking Ball" single for Miley and delivered it to her in hopes of getting some love as an official remixer ... 
but what he got in return was quite the opposite! After being asked for the 100th time to play Miley.. Derek went off the deep end & began playing the entire Little Mermaid soundtrack instead. After a brief stint in musical rehab Derek is back & better than ever... find him this Wednesday at Micky's for Broke Celebrity.

KiKi's Family Secret Revealed.
Ever wonder why Kiki wears that mask? 
Kiki grew up in NY where her father worked for mob boss Jon Gotti. Her father was the guy who burned the bodies after a bloody crime. Because it was impossible to convict the infamous "God Father" without evidence, Kiki's father was forced to testify against Gotti in exchange for witness protection services for his family. Kiki, a youngster at the time, moved to the Los Angeles Zoo, changed her name & was adopted by a local Tiger. Even with the protection of a Tiger Kiki always felt like someone was going to figure out her true identity. 
She's been living with that mask on ever since & to this day no living person knows her real name. Meet Kiki & dozens of other broke celebrities this Wednesday at Mickys!

Red Carpet Arrivals hosted by Lucas John!! 



  1. Bahaha. I notices Stephano had put on some extra pounds

  2. All i know is this my black skin wood come in there order drinks then pretend to walk to the atm and just simly walk out the door. I do it in every bar as I aam black in skin color. Now can we talk for a minute about the gas that glamorus moneek has been passing a fubar? The scent is reminecent of shea abutter and korean barbeque sauce with a touch of fressia. Lets talk also about the new Pumps. Has teh regster been able to Pump out the rent that has been due ? Now what waz this noise about Beau Byron being hit by a car? I herd he passed gas then passed by a car at the cross walk in front of the gym. It was a prius in a pretty light grey with white trim and the console was in a nice navy blue. Lets chat about the rent due tomrow. How many of you queens will be at Cross roads selling yer old crap. I stand near by and over hear.. "this is this this is that" Yall dont need to expalin what yur shit is to them sales people. Thy know you are SHORT on your rent and KNOW you have a late feee pending. So you BEST BEST be at Hard werkkk with Beau and Cake and them at the vogue battle this thursday!!
    Im excited to see who is late on the rent this week. Poeple KNOW I steal so my rent will BE paid. As a matter of fact I saw white lady leave her bag in the shoping cart at Ranch Market on washington and i was able to swipe her reading glasses and cell phone in which both are on Craigs list now.

    1. Learn to spell correctly! While we are on the subject, learn to speak correctly, as well!

  3. Still awaiting a real celebrity blowup here. Don't mean to be mean...really but, this place is not fun anymore. Not since the change over from black to white background and new format.

    It has been boring for months.



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