Broke Celebrity: Geo Nikki Returns to LA after 8 months in the Slammer

Yes, hunty our least favorite Broke Celebrity is attempting to make her way back on the scene after a brief stint in the pokey!!!

Geo NickelnDimes will be commemorating her official status as a WeHo Broke Celebrity on Wednesday July 2nd only at Micky's. 

Broke Celebrity is a new monthly event at Micky's on Wednesdays complete with a red carpet, lights and cameras. But that's not all... Lucas John will be sizing up the looks as he hosts the red carpet arrivals. 

Plan or should we say ... Glue your outfits together for next Wednesdays grand opening of Broke Celebrity as we welcome Geo's obnoxious a$$ back
into low society.


Ps- Broke Celebrities only have to pay $1 for bottle service. Contact Stefano or Lucas for details. 


  1. I ll bet he'll be back at "The Slammer" Thursday night, showing off his new techniques he learned in the

  2. In prison, no condoms and no PrEP.....what's a gurl to do?


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