Book this MoFo - WeHo Loves Zebra Katz

Zebra Katz basically pulled out the mic & ear fucked us at the Standard's Pride Pool party last Saturday hosted by Nacho Nava. We've never seen sooo many LA people smiling at one time.

"I'mma read that bitch I'mma school that bitch I'mma take that bitch to college I'mma give that bitch some knowledge I'mma read I'mma read I'mma read .... 
I'mma read that bitch I'm that bitch"

If you own a club in WeHo, Promote or Manage!!

Hire this crowd pleasing MoFo this week while he's still in town.

We wanna sit on the dick & spin but first we gnna buy his album. 


PS- He's the next everything bae!