WeHo Confidential's New Facelift #WEHO

Like most of the queens who have been trolling Santa Monica Blvd. for decades we too have decided it was time to get a little work done. Okay let's be real we've had a massive overhaul from front to back.

Only a few more procedures left before we're really ready to start spilling the T, cunty. 

Watch Out WeHO 'cause here we come, again!!



  1. The bean...is here

  2. Wow, the web site is actually legible now. Now if only it worked better for mobile and some of the buggy buttons were fixed.

  3. I can't believe your dumb ass blog is getting bigger instead of you getting spinal meningitis. I guess there is always an audience for trash...who are easily amazed by amateurish sloppily implemented templates.



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