Son of Anne Rice Takes a Shirtless Selfie

Apparently someone lost a bet or an award or something. Less about why & more about... Would you do the nasty with Anne Rice's offspring ??? 



  1. Either way, use protection.. in fact double wrap it. Huge meth addict in his former life (5+ years ago). We all know how careless one becomes when blowing clouds. He dated Jake Stevens for a while. Jake had to hide his weed habit because all of the sudden Chris was extremely anti-drug.

  2. He does look a little up there in mileage. Def past warranty period. I'd have to pass on this one.

  3. He sure has a studly body. ^Up in mileage? Manly more like. He is also a wonderful author and has an interesting family. Looks like fun to cuddle with.

    We all have a past and we all should practice safe sex. No matter what.

    I'd rather a writer than a go-go dancer, twink and/or you tube slut or local pro any day.

  4. I wonder if he's undetectable


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