Keep Your Friends Close...

Lucas John and Wayne Castro SPOTTED at The Stanard West Hollyhood. Let the rumors begin as the two we're seen drinking and acting playful! Is the world ending?! 

Who cares they both suck...

WeHo Confidential


  1. This is hilarious they hate each other

  2. This is crazy. I thought they were suing each other? Didn't Lucas just throw him under the bus in ever tabloid in America two weeks ago? I hate LA.

  3. I was actually working at the Standard today and saw it all go down. They drank for hours although Lucas looked really annoyed.

  4. Staged as fuck lol so stupid this site is crap

  5. Rule #1.
    Don't write about yourself. It's pathetic and desperate.
    Oh right...

  6. That pregnant tranny in the background is hot.

  7. They were probably just comparing viral loads. Who has more. And which strain Brian has. :-)

  8. Is the Stanard the same as the Standard?

    This is basic typing 101 and this blog can't seem to master it.


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