It's Draft Season B*tches

And NO we aren't talking about RuPaul's Drag Race. We're talking about the annual NFL draft kick off. YAYYYY!

Gurls, don't even think about rolling your eyes. We know how much all ya'll like those SuperBowl Bryan Singer mansion parties.

Although Michael's draft stock isn't looking so great after to his so so performance at the NFL combine, we are still hoping to get our first openly gay football player this year! 

We'll take 50/50 chances any day hunayyy. Especially when it comes in a 6'2 package.

GET EM' Mr. Sam! Do it for WEHO!



  1. Your website layout is truly subpar. The navigation is horrible. You can't easily move onto the next page. I don't even know how to do that....I'm using Chrome and this is the best browser around. It's 2014. Geocities called and wants their 1998 webpage back. <3

    1. If you're too old to navigate through a webpage you probably shouldn't be on the web. Snap snap.


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