Hollywood Stars And Residents Stand Against The Sultan Of Brunei

When even the likes of Kim Kardashian decides to move her bridal shower from the Beverly Hills Hotel to the Peninsula Hotel in protest you know something fishy is up. 

In case you aren't aware, the Sultan of Brunei has green lit a law which legalizes the stoning of gays...

 With accusations like that we are loving that Hollywood stars and residents are standing against and not supporting the likes of this modern day villain. 

Now the question remains will Hollywood wear down this multi-billionaire to the point where he sells his US properties or will he simply turn the other cheek and keep his hotels which includes the iconic and historic Beverly Hills Hotel. 

Ps. James Duke Mason if we see you supporting The Beverly Hills Hotel which we all know you like to check in to, we will be coming after your ass.  

Vanilla Beano


  1. Get over your ugly hatefulness of James Duke Mason. He actually wrote and protested the hotel and the Sultan long before you wrote about it, and he actually started a petition that has almost 100,000 signatures to sanction the government of Brunei. Now why don't you use this abundance of negative energy to actually do something good for the world.


    1. Dear Mr. WeHo Mayonnaise

      I'm actually good friends with James and the last part about him was more of a joke. This article is pretty damn positive if you actually read it...

      Gurl bye.

  2. Now that James won't be at the Beverly Hills hotel I am 10x more likely to frequent the joint.


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