Andrew Christian
May 29, 2014

WeHo Queens Model for Pinky's Nails

Shalaska Thunderdump


  1. Terrible photography

  2. I wonder who their fingers smell like? Prolly Cheyenne's cunt

  3. I wouldn't want to get in a drunken train wreck cat fight with them

  4. ugh that fucking juju character... notorious for one thing... his ass.. other than that hes a tired ass qween that needs to disappear...

  5. You are correct, the photography sucks and is so amateurish. The backdrops are completely different colors, so there is no cohesiveness,

  6. Not to mention the terrible styling and lame, hard to read 80's font.....try again, kid.

  7. All you hater's are talking about how bad the photography,the backdrop's and how one of the model's is known for sexy a**, But I don't see none of your work anywhere...GET YOUR LIFE.COM and please take several seat's....The photographer is one of a kind and I have been in love with his work for many years now and we have worked together on many projects together and the company Pinky's Nail's see something in him to promote their product and I see alot of you are hiding behind this so called anonymous shield show your face to the world you bricks


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