Weho is the New Compton

And Palm Ave. is the new Watts!!

Tell your landlord you want a rent a reduction or give your two week notice.

The gayborhood is not safe any more.

You've been warned.


  1. Trust and Believe Momma, It's Okuuuuuurrrr to me though!

  2. The Landlords best lower the rents cause people aint gonna live hear

  3. You queens don't know shit, WEHO HAS ALWAYS BEEN HOOD. ever since the HOODRATS! Quit tryin to make "WEHO" happen. ITS NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!

    1. The only hood these queens have seen is the time their dealer needed a ride to Long Beach to get more rock.

  4. Comptons safer than Weho.

  5. When the police are shooting white people you know the town has gone to shit!

  6. People are dying all around us.

  7. I moved here 6 months ago. I have had my iphone stolen from my hands, two of my new friends have died, my new car got hit by a drunk driver while parked on Palm & I caught my landlord masturbating in my bathroom with my underwear when I came home from work for lunch. I've had it with this town.

  8. WeHo has had a crime problem for years. The folks in City Hall do their best to keep it on the down low.


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