WeHo Assault Crimes Trickle Down to Flores St.

Who the hell assaults someone with a deadly weapon at 7:14am? A fucking tweaker that's who! WeHo needs to do something about its Meth problem ASAP!

If gay men are being attacked constantly then women & children are not safe here!! 



  1. I'm leaving this comment signed anonymous because I am friends with Noah W., but he makes fake grindr profiles just to collect xxx pics from guys

    1. first of all, fix your dumb ass web page fools.

      second of all, please specify that the assault was NOT sexual in nature, I live on Flores and there is now a full on parade of trolls cruising up and down looking to get assaulted, instead of east of highland where they belong.

  2. I was raped in Weho last month. I hate Weho now.

  3. im nosey as fuck, i want this app!


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