...and listen to this boy coming in like thurber thunder!

Jeremy's shows us that ever since he's been sipping on that sippy cup, that music been coming up his throat with his new track Vanity. We're liking that more masculine Chris Crocker sound! Keep it cuming hunty!

Bout to kill the game, put it in a coffin. 

Anita Greencard


  1. Man what a delusional soul. He truly thinks he's days away from being famous, yet has had that same mentality for years. At some point he'll have to realize that posting photos at meet & greet sessions and on "songwriting trips" with has been artists does not make a good artist.

    1. Leave Jeremy alone! This is a really good song, and I would bend him over any day of the week!

  2. Umm sue this bitch this is EXACTLY like "Strange Clouds" by B.O.B is he seriously kidding himself the chorus even has the lyrics "head up in the clouds" lol common and even the same melody and rap verse are similar. Who made your beat?'s sister? Lol

  3. I hear jealousy and resentment in these comments, that dude gets paid to make music all over the world.. I highly doubt hes delusional, he seems pretty fun and hes damn sexxxxAAAAy

  4. He doesn't get paid to perform. He's sold a couple songs before but that's about it. Truly delusional. Do you know many times I've seen him out, where he couldn't afford to buy his own drink? Then when someone picks up the tab he honestly says "just give it a few months and I'll buy drinks for everyone in this bar." This was years ago. He's done NOTHING since, except try to maintain his half-black/half-twink appearance, which obviously doesn't work when you're nearing 30.

  5. wow.. sounds like someone has some resentment. not cute.. support others, dont bring them down. Have u traveled the world recording? had a platinum selling record or a top 40 radio hit? been signed or performed in another country? Thats what i thought. BUH-BYYYYYE hunty

  6. He an dI bear backed last summer. It was fun till he started passing gas! PU! never never child go ON a date at Barney's Beanery then expect to fuck..He waz dribbling dingle berries and all kinds of racthet!!

  7. you know what's also not "not cute"?? Being a grade-A, false confidence-exuding, delusional douchebag. also, his toxic relationship with his chainsmoking Bf. also "not cute".

  8. Breaking news... Jeremy Thurber releases the name of his next album! Notorious #daddyclimber with special bonus track #dlcheater


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