Residents Fleeing WeHo Ghetto: Moving Trucks Line Palm Ave

We saw another moving truck loading up in front of the stabbing apartment complex today at 939 Palm Ave. Apparently these queens have had enough of West Hollywood being the new Compton and they are getting out of Dodge in droves.

Xoxo McGrough


  1. What about Brad Hammer and the Grindr video, and Grindr hating drag queens? WHeres dat rurrl dirt!?

  2. Why do you keep trying to push your "Weho is a ghetto / people are moving out" angle? I only ask because, a) property values have been going up, and the Palm Avenue tragedies haven't at all affected current list prices for condos up for sale on neighboring streets, and b) it seems like you have a personal agenda here.

  3. Stephen McGuire should go shoot another crappy lip synced video in this hood


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