Where 2 Be: Welfare Tuesdays @ Fubar

The most fun party in town.


  1. See you at Evita tonight! *Winks*

  2. Mellisa Brown. No one broke n2 your apt. Coincedently the Rent is due. The land lord doesnot care if you rMother is dead in a Cotton field and you have cancer of the anus and your bow leged dog ran away. The rent is due. And if you all have a dobermin living there what waz he or she doing knitting a cardigan and didnt notice the burgler? sounds like you two are up to doing another phony insurance scam. The rent is due.
    No T no shade but the rent is DUE.

  3. Now that sure is the truth!!! mellissa, why you play like that? And your roomate lieing about the laptop? Yall be lyeing and trifulling. Yall both scum and idiots. And I saw on the Facebook your roomate sed he had a dobermin sitting there. Now why on the green earth of God would a dobermin allow some one to even walk in that apt!!!! You is a damn liar. Thats all you guys are. Dont forget your unwashed penis is stinking up the club.



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