Sayonara Rhona: Rhea Litré is Single & Ready to Mingle

I guess it's breakup season! That's Right! Welfare Tuesdays new resident DJ Rhea Litré joins Colby for the single life. Just in time for Summer.

Get that Tuck Fucked.



  1. Abel aka Tommy JohnsonMarch 8, 2014 at 3:18 PM

    Porn Johna and Rhea they are lovely people. To think that Cheyne Hauk planned their breakup with having guys like Shawn Stolz cuming inbetween them.

    Yes key word CUMMING.

  2. Rhea Litre is a rude cunt

  3. So sad seeing this couple breakup. However what is Johna gonna do now? a 30 something washed up career gogo and former Andrew Christian Model. looks like Rhea's coattails got a lot lighter! Not to mention Rhea has been looking flawless lately! Bon Voyage Johna... Rhea better let him know what he's missing!

    1. Yes, because we know Josh's prospects are just as good. LOL

  4. Hmmmm...she doesn't live here in LA anymore does she? I heard she moved away like 2 months ago

  5. i love this couple together! they gave me hope.

  6. This junk is on drugs every day, His blood is made of coke .... Gonna start taking pics of this bitch with no goal and no career every other after hours this bitch is at watch


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