Sayonara: Hollywood Spa, MJ's & San Vicente Inn - 3/20/14

Several gay landmarks are closing for good!!!

The Hollywood Spa:

This could be your very last chance to visit the legendary spa that was once one of the only venues to meet other gay men in LA. The owner of the spa is currently being charged $30,000 a month in rent & will soon be forced out as he's 6 months behind. As 3/20/14 the spa is still open.


MJ's bar was definitely the spot for the old school disco divos... & their Tuesday Nights shenanigans were really some of the best times but it's time to say goodbye MJ's. It seems as if the club was simply bought out & will be replaced with a higher end concept that will cater to a straight/mixed crowd. Local entrepreneur Lucas John will be hosting the club's closing party on Saturday 3/22/14.

San Vicente Inn:

The famous nudist resort located in the heart of boystown was sold to the owner of the Sunset Towers Hotel, Jeff Klein. Klein, a homosexual, quickly kicked out the existing crowd, revoked the clothing optional policy & made some renovations until the city grants permits for an entire overhaul. Klein is delighted that San Vicente Inn is now hosting.... BABIES! Here are some of the offensive quotes Klein & Arevalo, WeHo's City Manager, gave the NY Times regarding the San Vicente Inn & it's new direction.

Klein's responds to Tom Cruise rumors:

 Who you calling an economic engine? 

Moral of the story enjoy your divey gay venues while you still can because the all mighty dollar is more valuable than preserving what's left of your gay culture. 


PS - On the bright side.... Fubar is still open:


  1. dont go to any of these events! come to plastic fantastic this saturday!!!!

    We have TONS of stars!!

    1. Brad Hammer looks like a fat oomploompa, Jonathan Chang is a corpse & Shirleen Mojica? Gross!!! What stars bish? I'll be at Rasputin.

  2. does this website have ANY scoops anymore? it's just a tired, blinky blinky banner ad for FUBAR.

    most - ALL - of the interesting gay nightlife in LA seems completely unknown to these pages.

    maybe because you run such a nasty website, nobody invites you.

    barf. snoooze.

    gay landmarks are closing because in 2014 they are irrelevant.

    and so is this website.

    1. I couldn't agree more. No one cares about the gay scene any more & the clubs are over. We've evolved or whatever you want to call it. And when it comes to gay nightlife there isn't much happening anyways, especially on weekends.

  3. "Local entrepreneur"? Who are you trying to impress/fool?

    And Boystown is in Chicago, not MethHo. Learn your geography.

  4. Dear Luke,

    I hope your meth pipe keeps you warm at night. Nightlife in WeHo is all you have and let's face it, that's not much.



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