Sayonara Colbra: Colby is Single & Ready to Mingle

Rumor around Runyan is that Colby's ex Brandon was spotted getting 
a "helping hand" down the hill.



  1. Colby is nice to look at but if the camera isn't on he is a douche and or a cunt. Both seem better off apart.

    1. This is NEWS? LOL. I wonder if David Cooley is going to demand a refund for the all the food and drinks they got free when the NEWS came for their FAKE engagment party. That party was so fake because Colby is a regular at PNP parties. Topher would bring the Tina that he would smuggle from all his AC travels and he would bare back the shit out of Colby. Brandon was spoted with Murray. Both on Coke trying to loose weight. I will admit brandon did blow a big load into Murray's cross eyes at the base of Runyon canyon.

  2. theeee shade of it all^^^^


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