RIP Kimo Collins 3/1/14

Ding dong the door man's dead...

Kimo Collins was a respectable doorman at Trunks in WeHo & his passing is devastating to all of the patrons who knew him. Customers and staff alike have expressed how much they will miss Collins who was truly a fixture of the boulevard & a friend to all.

Collins is said to have died of a heart attack on the job last night.



  1. Literally one of the nicest guys in West Hollywood. Very sad to hear this. You will be missed my friend, hope you're keeping the crazies outta heaven :)

  2. Drug-induced heart attack? Spill the T!

    1. Kinda funny how Topher DiMaggio, real anem Romeo Fink, bought Kimo a drink 20 mins before the heart attack.


  3. Blowquandra apt 3 on NormandieMarch 3, 2014 at 10:06 PM

    Oh Lord take ME take MEEEE dont take Kimo like that LORD above my head!!!! I waz there on thursday nite. He waz taking some ones ID and checking as usual then he just collasped to the the ce - ment floor! I paryed and besseched in the anm eof the Father the Ghost and the Holy Spritit to tak eme on not him! I got on my knees and besched to th ename of the Dr king king to take me and not him!!!!! Oh Lord Kimo my Kimo!! The many many nites we did Mary Jane togther!! I stole from teh white lady so i can afford to bring us Mary Jane to in hale in our black lungs them late nites!!! Oh I will ms you Kimo like i will miss my EBT card when it was taken away in 2011! But dont worry Kimo i steal from the 99 cent sore on Fairfax on a weakly basis t o make up for it! My Kimo I will tell you child i wood sell pumipkin seeds and tampon on the top of the Wite House to bring you back child! I woulld rob old man Virsel for his Golden teeth to bring you back I swear!

    Blow quandra on Normanide! apt 3

  4. This is my older brother. I'm just finding this article, but thank you to all whom showed love to him. We miss him greatly.. RIP BooBoo


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