Jack Jelly or Your Passport which would you rather Misplace? #adDICKtion @gunoil

Ugh..... we know what you're thinking.

Before we go off on our little tangent we feel it's fair to warn you that we've been smoking pot all day with Laganja Estranja & we partied our tits off last night at Welfare Tuesdays which or may or may not have ended with a trip to Jack in the Crack on Fairfax.

We woke up this morning looking for our passports (lost our Driver's Licenses decades ago) and realized that we couldn't find our passports which were likely somehow lost during last night's fast food mission. .. hunty!! We were mildy upset about the possibility of losing our only forms of identification but we didn't "pop-a-tuck" we just said a little a prayer, thawed out our hang overs & eventually found them without even breaking a damn sweat.

Jack Jelly:
A few weeks ago we gave a little shout out to our buddies at Gun Oil and they generously rewarded us with a box full of their products... everything from boner pills to female toy gel #ewww! Anywhoooo we fell in love with a little item for the boys called Jack Jelly. WARNING Jack Jelly is actually extremely a-DICK-ting... we can't stop ... oh & we won't stop jacking with this jelly!!! Anyways the bottle some how went missing between load #3 of the day & load #4 of the day. As you can imagine we had a nervous fu(king break down. We literally turned our tranny shack upside down trying to find the Jack Jelly & it was absolutely know where to be found. Moments of sheer panic quickly escalated into fits of rage as we begun to search every nook & cranny over and over again. Gurl we broke a sweat & an antique chair!!! Finally... while crawling on our hands & kneed like the desperate pervs we are... we found IT in the closet between some boots. We grabbed the jelly and immediately applied it for an instant boner & jerked off like it was our last chance to nut on earth.

So what's our point....

Honaaaay!!! We were more upset about losing our new Jack Jelly for 10 minutes than losing our passport & having to navigate through LA with out any form of identification for weeks.

This sh!t is so amazing we're never leaving the house again.




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