Is David Cooley Taking over Revolver? #barwars

This is not a rumor...

Without taking anyone's side there is some bad blood between Alfredo Diaz & his business partner Chris Miller who together own Revolver Video Bar in WeHo..
And for those of you who don't know Alfredo filed an appeal against the opening of David Cooley's new restaurant "Cooley's" which naturally made them enemies.

Chris Miller, part owner of Revolver, is trying to force Alfredo out & recently reached out to Abbey Founder David Cooley to see if he was interested in buying Alfredo Diaz's share of the business. Alfredo is said to own close to 50% of the business which would give Cooley a significant reason to consider the investment that & he wants to put Alfredo out of business. 

We asked Cooley if he was actually interested in buying Alfredo's stake in Revolver.

David's Official Response:
"Yes Yes Yes!!"

Watch out Alfredo!!

The HBIC at the Abbey is gunning for you.



  1. Congrats David, I never met you but I heard you were a swell guy.

    On another note, I took my nephew out for his 21st birthday at the Abbey. He really wanted to meet Murrary Swanby your VIP guy because he is a huge fan of his AC modeling pictures. He approached Murray and said hey, its my birthday, how are you? Murray replies "AM I SUPPOSE TO BE IMPRESSED? GET AWAY FROM ME!".

    What kind of employee is this?
    Horrible and disrespectful!

  2. theyz all done cray cray so doez it really matter?


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