Andrew Christian
March 10, 2014

Is Adore Joking ? ?



  1. You are so uneducated. You are a nothing compared to me. I repeat, NOTHING.


  2. Sadly, this younger generation is in for a massive wave of death due to AIDS. Barebacking today is as suicidal as is was in the 80's. Wise up bitches!

  3. No Condom is the way to go!! Feels better! #YOLO

  4. There was color TV in 1960, there must be a cure for HIV in 2014. #absolutely

  5. If you think there is a fucking cure for HIV, APPLY IT BITCH

  6. There is a cure. It's called stop doing so much partying and playing. That destroys your immune system. Start eating healthy and exercising. Stop taking those drugs that are supposed help your "viral load". That is also destroying your body. The hiv/aids industry is a billion dollar industry!! politics are involved in this. Look up Dr. Peter Duesberg.

  7. I totally Agree. I have friends who were diagnosed with HIV who stopped taking the meds because they were making them sick. They are alive and healthy and are undetectable without drugs. Their doctors have told them that their body's are resistant. Oh Please! What a load of crap! It's all about money and keeping innocent people on drugs while big pharma continues to fill their pockets.

  8. Legalize Laganja EstranjaMarch 13, 2014 at 10:19 AM

    Come on NATCH !!!!!!!!!!


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